Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trees from discarded stone

Trees and stones have a complex relationship. Trees, like this one in the Lake District in England, can somehow manage to grow out of huge waste piles of over burden stone from quarry operations.

Here's one growing out piles armour stone and rip rap shot rock near Bobcageon Ontario

Here's some trees trying to grow out of the towering piles of unwanted stone up near Buckhorn Ontario.

Yesterday we went there and hand picked uniquely shaped stones and loaded 4 tons of them from that huge waste pile for using in a dry laid tree installation we are going to be doing with the Ennismore Hort and Dist Society this June. 

In a way, the tree we build there in Ennismore will be not unlike the ones I have seen growing in the quarries.  Like the living ones, our horticultural tree sculpture will have grown out of a pile of useless stones.  

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