Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Unknowing Rock

The last of the three rock types, after 'sedentary' and 'metaphoric', are 'ignorant' rocks. Don’t be confused — these are not stupid rocks. Rocks are never stupid. How can inanimate things be accused of not being smart?

As much as they may frustrate you and not seem to do what you want them to do, or break the way you want them to 
break, it’s pretty dumb to shout at them and call them stupid.

No, the rock type we are discussing here, which classify as ignorant, are those without, what might be called, knowledge of good and evil. They are properly categorized as 'without blame', nor do they blame others. Ignorant rocks do not keep a record of wrongs. They are oblivious to unsubstantiated rumours, misguided concepts and imposed prejudices, all of which, sadly, affect people and make them say and do stupid things.

These are not necessarily faultless rocks, but ones that actually can’t find faults in others.

Marble sculpture by John Fisher

They are not only ignorant of their own shortcomings, they are ignorant of ours! Consequently they believe we can do and make anything with them, and so allow us to be infinitely creative.

They take no notice of naysayers, pay no attention to transitory contrivances, and are not thwarted from their purpose by any distractions.

They have transcended the tyranny of 'too much information’.

They choose to not be know-it-alls. They have learned to keep a closed mind, in certain key respects. This is because rocks displaying the very precious characteristic of ignorance are impermeable, and will not 'take in' half truths and oversimplified adages.They stand rock solid against  unacceptable thinking.

There are all kinds ‘truths' written in rocks that seem nonsensical to us mortals.There’s is a folly that seems to go against the grain of common knowledge.

There are certain potentially very corrosive, unedifying things, that rocks don’t need to know. 

There are things you can't unsee, can’t unknown. Ignorance is wisdom in this respect. Those rocks we call 'dumb' process that which is the very opposite of our wisdom.

Ignorant rocks (and those who identify with their type) are not only counter-intuitive, they are contra-smart-ass !

Rocks may be just inanimate ‘matter', but they display an infinite humility, in that they manifest the logical conclusion to the truth that —"the more you know, the more you know you don't know".

So too, sometimes like these rocks, the less you know, the better you can concentrate on the things that matter.  

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