Friday, April 7, 2017

It's not All water under the bridge.

Yesterday, with heavy rains that fell all day, the Tay River rose significantly enough that water flowed not only under but around the dry stone bridge that was built during last year's Dry Stone Festival in Perth Ontario. All of the surrounding stonework that was built to enclose the swimming area on the same week last August, is now submerged under water too. 

This sudden deluge is very effectively putting all the dry stone work we did there to the test. 

While people talk about examiners and accredited testing, there is no better endorsement of genuine workmanship than having Nature prove your work and reveal that it can stand up to whatever she throws at it.

While proper dry laid walls and bridges are built to stand the test of time too, sometimes time gets some help testing what Canadian wallers build with great floods of water. 

Stay tuned. More photos to follow in the coming days.

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