Monday, April 10, 2017


Peter Brooke-Ball

I am a big admirer of Peter Brooke-Ball's work. He is a London-based sculptor who works with stone, soft metals, leather, hardwood, and rope.The stone and rope piece called  above ,"A Thought', is a good example of the type of sculptures he creates.
Peter writes about his work,
  "There are several reasons I sometimes include rope in my work - I like the idea of the soft defining the shape of the hard; I see each piece as a thought and I want to keep that thought secure and precious, fearing it might all slip away; and thirdly, where I include several elements, I want them to be physically linked, no matter how far apart they may be: my aspiration is to tie together the tops of two mountains."
It occurs to me that, if he hasn't already done it yet, Peter might like to try dry stone walling. I know it gives many us the immense satisfaction of invisibly tying a lot of stones together to create beautiful forms.
Here is a quick rendering of what Peter's wall might look like.

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