Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stone Detectors

I predict one day all the great stones that have been buried by heavy machinery over the last fifty years will become very valuable - especially the lovely 'builder stones' from all the Ontario barn foundations that were knocked down and covered over, the ones that took hours and hours to shape and square.

In the future stones of every shape and size which were once despised cleared away and buried by land developers will become so rare, people using specially designed 'stone detectors' will be swarming all over the countryside looking for these lost buried treasure stones. Then hopefully there will be so much of it rediscovered that it will become affordable again, just like the days when it lay in the uncleared farmer's fields..

All the squared stones which were deemed useless will then become available to a new generation of masons who will once again build structures like this reproduction blacksmith shop which we built in Uxbridge Ontario back in 1991.

Wallers will be able acquire truckloads of this natural material from special 'hardsquare stores' and 'stone depots' and use the new found stone to build beautiful 'dry reclaimed stone walls'.

And the walls will last and last, until the bulldozer craze starts again.

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