Monday, July 18, 2016

Teaching Us To Listen

Those of us who work with stone have probably said at one time or another - ''it's like the stone is talking to me''. What we are referring to is that feeling we get when we intuitively perceive which stone to use next, or where each one should be placed. It is as though for a brief moment we are in tune with the stones. We sense in some mysterious way, what it is that the stone requires of us. We have a better feel for the way individual stones should be fitted, or shaped perhaps, as we almost accidentally discover how a selection of random stones will go together in some pleasing yet undefinable pattern.

Such a satisfying experience is tempting to try to 'replicate'. If only the stones could communicate to us like this all the time, we say. If only they could speak to us. 

Indeed, teaching stones to talk might be the answer? Obviously, there are even books on the subject. Is anything too hard for a stone?

And yet I suspect it is much harder, for us to learn how to listen.

Maybe they know how to talk already?

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