Monday, February 1, 2016

Outdoing Themselves

Here's a shot of the dry stonework Nicholas Tompkins and his fantastic crew, and Kyle Schlagenhauf and his amazing crew, and an army of terrific volunteers built during this year's Stone Symposium.


  1. Thanks for the photo's John. I haven't been to your blog in a long time. I'll make it a point to return more often.
    Also, could you post the poem that your recited in CA? .....and could I possibly use it for a local radio interview I'll be guest on? Of course you'll be given full credit. I'll make sure DSWAC get's a mention.

  2. Thanks for your nice comments Karl

    Here is the poem

    Sense of place

    What creates a sense of place
    A glade, some shade, a quiet space
    Enclosed protected but not confined
    Nonthreatening walls yet well defined
    A gateway there through which we pass
    To contemplate the things that last.
    Surrounding walls affirming love
    Separate from and yet part of
    The nameless regions of our wide expanse
    These walls define our circumstanse

    We reminisce We soar We sigh
    Between the womb and where we die
    A tranquil haven lined with life
    Edged with meaning
    Free from strife
    The landmark milestone resting spot
    Where space embraces time until it's not
    And we have paused to know we're 'there'
    A place unique from everywhere
    A resting spot flanked by stone
    A space within a sheltered zone
    A memory held within of spacial song
    Where we can feel that we belong

    What creates a space like this
    Where old men rest
    And lovers kiss
    Where wasteland ends
    And purpose thrives
    Where silence sings
    And peace survives
    Such tracts of land, such sacred ground
    Are very rarely ever found
    And rarer still can they be made
    Except by stone on stone securely laid
    A wall whose stones are made to fit
    As if they were always part of it
    Lend strength and certainty to such
    As we who are sensitive to spacial touch
    We wait and grasp our new belonging
    For sense of space is what we're longing

    J S-R