Sunday, January 31, 2016

Positive Front and Back

The stone feature we built at the Gualala Art Centre, during the Positive/Negative Conversation Workshop, turned out to have a great back side as well as an amazing front view.

This was very serendipitous as often the backsides of dry stone installations can look pretty boring.  

The setting, of course, makes everything 'pop' even more.

These past two weeks were great days of building in California and it was with an amazing bunch of people. The teamwork, the fun, the excitement, the conversation and yes the partying was all first rate. 

The stones had called us together again for another year of 'symposing' and we all fit so well.

Thanks to Nicholas, Zack, Amber, Kyle, Amanda, Shannon, Neil, Jane, Peter, David and so many generous people for organizing it.


  1. Thanks Sunny Coming from you it's quite a compliment.

  2. Conversations within conversations within.. Really nice.