Thursday, February 11, 2016

Making the roof for the watch tower

Sean Smyth, Dave Claman and Royce Kelly have worked the last couple of weeks preparing the stone tiles to make the turret roof for the Irish watchtower here in California. 

Over 800 pieces of mica schist have been sawn in triangles and chipped to create a beveled edge on each stone. The stones will be dry laid in a cone shape, on the top of the tower. It will be ten feet tall and 12 feet in diameter.

You can see the cone shape beginning here in a test configuration they've built on the ground. 

The tiles are all built on this interlocked cribbing of corbelled mica schist slabs that will create a crude dome shape over the upper floor of the tower to support the stone roof tiles. 

We figure there will be about 25 tons of stone material all together. 


  1. "...they said we were dang fools to even THINK of building a dry stone rocket ship...."