Friday, February 19, 2016

Italy Field School


Join senior Willowbank staff and Italian conservation colleagues for a rare educational opportunity. The Willowbank Canova Field School program involves documenting and revitalizing an abandoned medieval stone village near Milan. The structure of the field school reflects Willowbank’s emphasis on combining theory and practice. Participants will be engaged in philosophical and technical debates as well as the hard but satisfying work of rebuilding beautiful stone and wood medieval structures. The Italian colleagues have been breathing new life into decaying medieval villages in the Domodossola area of northern Italy, in the foothills of the Alps. The Canova Association brings together local and international participants to share experiences and stimulate local investment in conservation and adaptive reuse. It also hosts an annual Canova International Architect Encounter, an intimate international forum with participants from around the globe. They gather in the beautiful Canova setting to discuss and debate best practices in conservation, sustainability, and revitalization. The Field School will focus on the village of Ghesc, on the outskirts of Domodossola. It was built in the 15th century but was abandoned more than 50 years ago. The revitalization of Ghesc is the latest project undertaken by the Canova Association with its local partners. This village, with its unusual stone buildings including stone-tiled roofs and remains of beautiful medieval frescoes, will be your laboratory for 15 days as you acquire documentation skills, study design options, and implement the partial rebuilding of one of the stone structures.
Dates for the 2016 Willowbank Canova Italy Field School are May 16-30
Apply now by downloading and completing the form here and returning by mail or email to Willowbank along with a copy of your résumé. Deadline for applications is March 4th, 2016


The approximate costs associated with this program are outlined below. The exact costs will be confirmed and will depend on the Euro exchange rate.
  • Deposit: $500 deposit due within 2 weeks of notification of place on the program. Deposit will be forfeited if you do not take up your place on the program.
  • Program Fee (accommodations, 3 meals per day during the program, local transportation): $2,400 (payable to Willowbank) please note this does not include deposit amount listed above.
  • Airfare (estimated cost): $1,400
  • Travel Health Insurance: $100
Additional costs to consider: Spending money for any additional food, clothing, transport and accommodation costs outside of the course dates of 16-30 May.
Please note that having a valid passport, booking travel to and from Domodossola, Italy and buying travel health insurance are the responsibility of the participant. Further details will be sent to you upon notification of your place on the program.
For general inquiries contact:
T: 905.262.1239 x 21
For inquiries about the academic programs contact:
T: 905.262.1239 x 23

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