Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fire and Ice

So we used most of the pile of leftover stone to make this fireplace facade last week in Bakersfield.  It's faux. It's not dry laid stone, no. I admit it. 

The devil's cream was used in great amounts, all secretly hidden behind the stones.

However this project bought us some time for the snow to melt up in the mountains. Our plan was to leave the hot smoggy valley and go up and do some stone work there this coming week.

Of course we will be using the devil's cream there too.

Here's some hardened stuff that we came across which we had left up there on a mortar board 12 months ago.

Anyway, when we got up to Alta Sierra yesterday, it was still pretty cold. So...

We're thinking of using the 'devils ice-cream' instead. 

It looks like it sticks pretty good too. 

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  1. I think I can predict around which fireplace the owners will prefer spending time.