Sunday, January 3, 2016

Shaken. Not Sturdy ?

I don't know, I think I could watch this earthquake simulation for hours. Well done Rocksolver !

There are so many things, so many ideas, so many questions that come to mind. 

Any thoughts or comments you may have please share them. 


  1. Mothers would have supported those children, for a little longer. On the bright side, look at all that stone begging to be reformed :)

  2. Hi John. I'm glad you like the video. You are right about the questions, so many and a simple one can take ages to find an answer. Yes Laudav, I think the wall will last longer when we simulate hearting which will probably act as a shock absorber. I have a question; I too love natural stone and what the human mind can do with it but I'm wondering what you and your readers might think about 3D optimisation software combined with augmented reality glasses showing the builder which rock to pick up, how to orient it and where to put it in the wall? Personally, I think a new tool enhances rather than diminished our creativity, but others may differ. Cheers, Malcolm (the Rocksolver guy)

  3. Thanks Malcolm. Let's find out from anyone reading this post if they have any thoughts on your walling software idea.