Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Managing of the Negative

Everything we are not helps define who we are .

Drawing everything except the chair, reveals the chair !

Describing everything around you somehow defines who you are.

It is the managing of negative space that creates a positive structure.

It's what goes on between the stones that gives a wall its 'Life' !

'On the Bias' wall feature John Scott and I built in San Francisco February of 2010


  1. That was a fun build, although it completely relies on mortar and brick ties! It was built next to a customer service area as an interesting platform to showcase landscaping plants that work well with stone, hence the varied surfaces. I think it was inspired by an installation you had recently done in that area. It was liberating to build because we challenged ourselves to lay each stone as it was handed off the pallet.. so it was more about frantic fitting as opposed to following the rules of dry stone masonry. I'm sure this infuriates traditional dry stone wallers, but this is hardly dry stone and hardly traditional... but it WAS a fun half-day and a riot! Cheers, js

  2. Yes it was the Danville Wall. And yes, it was fun. And actually we could have done this one in S F dry stone too, but they didn't want it dry laid. You'll remember they wanted the devils cream in it. But in a sense I disagree with you, John if you are suggesting walling like this can't (or shouldn't) be attempted in dry stone. Don't you think with the proper knowledge of structure and a good sense of design an experienced waller should be able to do stuff like this? Today's post was basically about that - trying to encourage other wallers to think outside the blocks.