Friday, August 16, 2013

Moving Big Bedrocks

This video shows a primitive way to get big stones moved to where you need them if you don't have heavy machinery or you prefer not to go to the gym to get your exercise .

The big chunk of bedrock we were moving is seen here in its final position in the hole.


  1. I've used this method before to move a very large Ginko Biloba tree.
    We used core samples for our rollers and sat the root ball on a large steel
    plate as not to disrupt it in the ball and wire basket.
    Another time we used broom handles to roll twelve foot lengths of limestone slabs on the back of a trailer to be cut into 23 3/4" x 11 5/8. This measurement was the same as the white marble stones inside the penthouse.
    It's not always about how strong your muscles are but the strength of your ingenuity.
    Great video guys!

    1. Thank you for your observations and comment. It is amazing how ingenuity can overcome gravity isnt it?

  2. P.s.
    Is this going to be the tumulus structure I read about on Normans blog?
    I hope you take lots of photos of its progress.
    S. Lippay

    1. We are calling it a few things first, a dry stone storage chamber, a root cellar, and an apple store , though I don't think you'll be able to by any iPhones there.