Thursday, August 22, 2013

How we get those big boulders up.

Norman has found a big chunk of limestone bedrock that he wants to use near the upper right side of the chamber.
( We've used some huge stones in this project ! )

After we bring it down the ramp on the dolly, I 'fridge-walk' it over to the scaffolding plank

Then tip it on to the plank

Tumble it up plank. ( careful not to let it drop suddenly and break the plank )

Roll it again

Oh, you're watching ?

Repositioning so that the boulder will roll into place the right way up.

Here comes the big push-pull

Pivot it on the board end.

One final twist.

I lift and Norman removes the board

Then snug it up to the left side of the big cornerstone.

Perfect fit. Voila!


  1. Awesome progress! Are you two on tea and caffeine there? Looking good.

  2. Great to see you show how it's done. I work the same way, rollers, hand truck, ramps, slow and steady. It's so much more rewarding than slinging things around with big machines. Thanks for the continued inspiration. T.J.

  3. Thank you guys. It's fun doing things by hand . Makes a beer at the end of the day taste much better.

  4. I have some smaller boulders for you to move when I see you John. Lots of them, just smaller.

  5. Thanks Jason, Im looking forward to working with you with your boulders. Going smaller and then I'll go home.

  6. Great post, shows all the Little things it takes to move one Big thing! On to the next rock... then the next.