Friday, August 9, 2013

Day Two

The pile of rocks that greeted me in the school parking lot on the Sunday before the course didn't have many chunks smaller than a large microwave in it.

There had been a mix up with the delivery of the first two loads of stone apparently. I had specifically asked for 24 tons of random stone with sizes nothing bigger  than a microwave. 

Day two of the Haliburton week-long Dryscaping Workshop involved, among other things, a trip to a local quarry to gather a lot of smaller building material for us to mix in with the bulky over sized rocks we would be having to work with. 

Thankfully all the students said they really enjoyed the opportunity to visit a quarry. Presumably they got a feel for what dry stone material looks like in its native habitat.

Learning how to break and split the big rocks was a useful skill to learn too


  1. Is that your slab splitter and sledge? Do you prefer fiberglass or wood handles?

  2. It was actually a good experience because some of us will be collecting our own rocks by hand, and it is good to know what type of rock to be on the lookout for!