Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kingsmere Walling Workshop - Part 5

John Redicon and Gillian Kennedy infiltrate the string lines to place and secure the hearting. Unlike a mortared wall, the stones in a dry stone wall are independent and not stuck together.  However, no stone  or rock (including the small hearting material) should wiggle after it has been fitted in the wall. Each rock is held tight by its neighbour. It's called a 'rock' but it's not supposed to.

John attended the Hanover event last September and took the walling course taught by Tracey Blackwell. He told me at the end of the Kingsmere course that he thoroughly enjoyed the challenge that this particular workshop presented. 

He wrote later. 

"John, great weekend at Kingsmere, my first experience with 'boulder walls' and despite being a lot of work, for us 'old folk' the result of the weekend's work was very satisfying. Very good bunch of people to work with and the weather almost cooperated.

Thanks for all of the guidance I learned a lot."

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