Monday, April 29, 2013

Wallers and Walls in Wales

Master Craftsman with the DSWA, Sean Adcock wrote to me recently to say he also had a good time our Canadian friend Andre Lemieux who visited and worked with Sean recently before seeing Jason  ( See previous post about Jason and Andre)  

Sean wrote... " Don't suppose its much use but just in case you'd like to add something about the first leg of his tour here's a photo or two of Andre with one of our creations during his stay (Evan and Kenny worked on this site too). 

This one isn't one of mine! It is rubbish that will never last - need to include it in a Rogues gallery, it's just a part of a 2000 year old (yes thousand) hill fort! Imagine how long it would last if built properly. 

 We also visited some of things that the Tour of Walls in June was supposed to go on.  How not to batter a wall (built 1860s), obviously a life limited structure... 

This is a retaining wall in Dinorwic quarry (built so there was enough flat land for the big shed, 100 yards long 40 feet high at tallest)   Brenda and Andre are admiring 
the view. 

A diminutive Andre in front is one of the large incline walls used for lowering finished slates out of the slate quarry in Dinorwic. 

Sean was interviewed recently on BBC radio about how not to build a dry stone wall.

It starts about ten minutes into the program