Saturday, April 20, 2013

Grampians National Park Trail Project - Part Two

An overhead rigging system was also set up in order to lift the heavy wall and step rocks into place. 

It took a some deliberation to figure out the best alinement for the stairway, and in the end we opted to take advantage of a large column of rock that had partially cleaved from the main ridge and created a gap that was ideal for containing the planned stairway.

For this to work, a 10 foot high retaining wall needed to be built on the side of the column where the trail left the ridge, with a further three and a half foot of free-standing parapet extending above the retaining wall to remove fall height issues for walkers.

The site was about a 45 min walk from vehicle access and approximately 270 kilograms(600 pounds) worth of tools and rigging equipment had to be hiked in and out on our backs. 

As is evident from the photos, with the moving of large rocks and proximity to fall heights, the potential for a serious accident was present. 

Constant vigilance and adherence to safe work practices were followed in order to reduce this to an acceptable level. I am very grateful to my two assistants Thor Delager and Caillan Sainsbury for their help in successfully completing this logistically and technically challenging project.