Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Do we know how to draw them?


We build walls with stones
We build bridges of stone
We make roads and driveways of stone
We blast stones to make roads
We buy stones
We collect them
We are sometimes a stones throw away
We sometimes throw stones at glass houses
We skip stones
We play games with them
We balance them
We paint pictures on them
We keep doors open with them
We prop things shut with them
We carve them
We sometimes have a heart of stone
We have stony expressions
We stonewall people
We get stoned drunk
We stay stone sober
We can be stone broke
We can be stone cold
We can ignite a fire by hitting stones together
We had a stone age
We live on a planet mostly comprised of stone
We have wonders of the earth made of stone

But trying to draw or paint stones...
It's really not that easy.