Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The impatience of stones

It has been said that an arch never sleeps.
I think it's because stones don't sleep.
They just don't want to stop.
Stones don't stop with the 'pressure' thing either.
They are so darn pushy.

And -
They are constantly bugging me to build something with them,
To learn something - to understand something from them.

They keep trying to change me - to affect me
The never cease to amaze me, to make me want to paint them, to stack them, to photograph them, to hang out with them, to talk about them, and of course - write about them.

They are impatient with my impatience.
They are in fact, 'permanently' impatient !

When they get going they work up a tremendous momentum.
They basically just want to keep on you!
They never seem to want to stop and turn around or go back or ask for directions
They are so impatient

Look at them! They just cant wait to get down that hill.

Time is just an annoying blip in their agenda

They don't have time for facebook or video games or frivolities or any of our shallow pursuits.

They are constantly shifting, restless beings.
And yes, they are basically impatient ! 


  1. Stone has never impressed me as impatient - I feel the pressing - but would say 'destined'.

  2. Reminds me of that short animation of the two stone characters watching the progress of humans below from atop a mountainside. Can't find that link.. bet you've got it somewhere?