Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Black House Design

I was going through some old Sketchup files this holiday weekend and discovered the designs that Dean Mclellan asked me to do of the black house we were designing to be built during RocktoberFest 2009 in Grand Valley Ontario – an international DSWAC walling event that he and Eric Landman and I organized that year.

I think the structure we ended up building looked pretty similar.


  1. It's amazing how accurate it turned out. I thought Dean Mclellan organized this building himself and had help from dry stone workers from the US and Uk.? I first saw this building on his Facebook page. I love the naturaly grown roof. A great accomplishment no matter who built it. Congrats.


  2. Thanks J P. Yes Dean had a big part in organizing the black house build, where wallers from Canada and Scotland and the US eagerly attended, in the same way they did at the festival build that the DSWAC ran in Cobourg where we built a beehive hut the year before. As for the festival itself, Kerry and Eric Landman's input was crucial, as they were involved in hosting the event on their property and had the job of organized the procuring and moving of all the stone, as well as feeding all the participants. There were other other key people, including my wife and I who were involved in organizing the lectures, the three professionally taught dry stone wall training sessions, the DSWA standardized testing sessions, as well as children's events and the music. Everything came together successfully and everyone participated in a spirit of good will, continuing the momentum of previous DSWAC festivals. It is a shame when one person takes the credit for such an event.

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