Monday, April 22, 2013

Formally Dressed

I'm proud of Jason Sivak of Sivak Stonemasonry. He and his crew not only have a great talent for doing both quality and inspiring stonework, they have a sense of humour too. Jason and I think alike. 

He writes, " After years of wearing jeans and t-shirts to work, the men of Sivak Stonemasonry decided it was OK to class things up for one day a week. Starting the Formal Friday Tradition." 

Bravo guys ! 

Jason not only scores stone but scores big style points with his tan suit and blue shirt.

Fezzy, even while cutting a stone stays professional in his pinstripe navy suit.

Mickey pulls a stone from his pocket while pulling off a classic gray suit with red tie for some color.

As for me? I've been walling in a tweed jacket for years.

I'm always trying to dress things up a bit with the guys I work with -
But they just don't get it.