Sunday, February 3, 2013

The building beam in California

Last week this huge 20 foot long redwood timber ridge-beam was lifted onto the dry stone greenhouse which we built in California last year.  It had been specially cut and hewn for the job and lay waiting to be set in place for several months.  

The long 12" x 12" thick beam joined the two iconic pyramid shapes to create a unified whole.

The beam was set at a diagonal into specially created pockets in the two peaks of this folly structure to form the apex of the gables

It was exciting to see the beam lifted by the huge Gradal. It was guided into place by Sean Smyth and Jerry  Sheilds

I was very pleased to see the structure looked very much the way I imagined it would in my original drawings.
Lots of visitors came yesterday to see this building completed and also inspect several other of the unique dry stone structures that are dotted throughout  this Gualala property.


  1. Hi John, It was very interesting to meet you this weekend. Here are a few pictures I took along the beach that demonstrate the upthrust of the California rocks we were talking about that seem to have appeared in your dry house. It is a lovely space. Whoops, can't figure out how to post the photos. Juliana

  2. Bravo John and team!!! - Christopher, Victoria, B.C.

  3. Couldn't escape the irony of you capable and sturdy wallers placing tons of rock maunually, but needing a crane to lift the timber.

    Beautiful work John! I look forward to seeing how the roofing, or glass, is completed.

  4. I stumbled across a photo of this project and I'm hooked. What an amazing structure.