Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alan Ash visits us in California

Alan Ash drove down from Eugene Oregon and joined us on Monday. He is a professional dry stone waller who does some amazing work with some pretty difficult stone.

He explained when he pulled out his tools to help us on the wall that it was pretty wet this winter in Oregon. The handle of his hammer tells the story.

Alan reused the original stone (basalt) in Eugene for the face stones on this badly made retaining wall (the wall was a single thickness wall) that had been rebuilt twice before Alan came to do it right.  

Most of the stone in the wall that Alan is presently working on originally came from the back yard of the property in 1995. 
He brought in an additional 9 ton to make it a double wall and for fill behind the face.

Heres another basalt wall that Alan rebuilt.

Basalt retaining walls.

Dry stone benches and flag stone patio.

Trail work on Spencer's Butte Oregon

This wall Alan built is made from volcanic ash rock.