Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Particle Wave Theory

The rocks along the shore are just Big Particles.
The waves constantly expend their energy
Trying to break them down.
The rocks gradually fracture into smaller and smaller stones, 
Knocked around until they become a slurry of indivisible grains of sand.

The waves undermine and erode the shore, 
But never seem to penetrate very far inland.
New stones and rocks fall from an upper space into the mix
To take the place of the now 'particalized' ones.

The proud ocean claims,
 "I am the waves, the surf and the tide".
But the particles think that the waves are not a satisfying solution. 
That in fact, the ethereal sky and sea don't even matter .

The waves rise in defiance to the rocks' inference.
The particles of rock don't like the waves undertones.

They both continue to 'pound it out' 
Endlessly theorizing all along the coastline.