Friday, February 22, 2013

Shedding light on the subject

Everyone's encouraging responses yesterday to my announcing that I was discontinuing the blog have left me a bit overwhelmed . I need to thank you all and make it clear there hasn't been an emergency health issue or any life and death crisis. The thing is I think my hands are a bit tired and drained from doing so much thinking. 
I never wanted to get to a place where I felt compelled to keep on blogging even when I knew I had nothing to say. It is a sobering thing to think that a sizable number of people presumably have been taking opportunity every morning to check out this blog and maybe get inspired to do some walling themselves. Perhaps you've just looked forward to my attempting each day to shed a little more light into stones and and what makes them stick. I think in retrospect I've been a bit too concerned about not failing you all. 
Is it wrong to admit that my inspiration has become very much depleted over the last three weeks? I now realize that there needs to be a reevaluation of why I do this blogging thing. It's certainly nice to hear you've all been enjoying it. I think perhaps I just need to step back for a while and get a more realistic perspective on things.


  1. Oh good... I look forward to tomorrow's blog post about this. What was that Yogi Berra said about the fork in the road? I think you should focus your real passion on forming a terrorist sect called the Gabion Liberation Front. See you on the front lines.

  2. I do enjoy your blog -and feel sad that you find it difficult to continue. I also blog and also find it a chore. But once I figured out that if I write the blog to please myself first (I am writing about my family's genealogy) but with the mindfulness that I do have other folks reading it, and so I try to make it interesting to read. There are days, sometimes weeks between my postings. The pace of writing is not set in stone if you will allow the pun. This pleases most everyone. I hope you will not stop writing your blog and sharing your thoughts.

  3. Glad everything's ok! Going to miss frequently checking in for something new, daring, inspiring, creative, revealing, etc, etc...
    Let's hope it's just a mild case of writer's block.

  4. I am one of those who has enjoyed your brief blog posts each day. However, I am also a writer who would not do well under the pressure of feeling the responsibility to write when I have nothing to say. During those times I refuse to write. Why add to the cluttery chatter of the world? You have said many thought-provoking things in this blog and shared lots of walling news and many projects. Perhaps it will help to just take the pressure off of yourself to write daily, and, like our old television friend, Mr. Ed, speak only when you have something you want to say. We will be glad to listen. Blessings to you, John.

  5. Hey John, can we contribute? Pictures,questions,comments,ideas?Sometimes it helps to have some extra hands.

  6. I'm with Pamela. I would encourage you to continue, but at some less frequent and regular pace.

    Through the blog you have given us a great deal of insight and humour. I've really enjoyed it. I think you have a lot of interesting observations to offer and agree that some contemplation about your motivations will be fruitful.

    'Thinking with my Hands' has inspired my blog, which is irregular in its postings (8-10 /month). I can entirely relate to your sense that you are producing material just to meet the daily deadline. But encourage you to continue based on my experience that I have found it to be a great incentive to do my thing and articulate my occasional dim thoughts.

    'pay attention to intention'

    consider me a fan. jw

  7. do not stop! when you are building a wall when you get tired slow down or take a break. I love this blog! great content, delivered with humour.

  8. Thank you all of you for your encouragement. You may well see me back here soon. Wall the best !

  9. I am happy that you are thinking of returning to the blog. I look forward to it.

  10. dear John, I have been reading your blog for quite some time. your work and your words have inspired me to start my own walling journey. I never knew how much I loved working with stone till I actually started building with my own two hands and seeing the fruits of my labour turn in to piece of art for many and including my self to enjoy. where ever you go in life im sure you will do well. Thank you for putting you thought and work on line for all to enjoy. I hope that one day our paths cross.

  11. John, you should post stuff when you want to and not because up to now you've managed a post a day since 2010.

    You are the master of the blog, not the other way round. I think most of us admire that you've had so much to say about stones - I think I'd have run out of stuff after the first three posts!

    Maybe you need to put the blog away for bit and do some real work with stones - building with my hands rather than thinking with them!

    1. Thanks you Jason. You are mostly right, but I have been building like crazy during this time. So there !