Monday, August 27, 2012

Grand Valley Sign

Eric Landman and Ryan Stananought built this new dry stone entrance sign to Grand Valley Ontario recently. It was commissioned by Thomasfield Homes. It is thirty feet long and seven feet high. There is a nice use of limestone flagstone to create the band on the run below the very nicely engraved Grand Valley plaque . I like that the stones are not all coursed and monotonous looking.


  1. Wow! Ryan and Eric did an awesome job! Must of been a great project to work on.

    Sean D.

  2. Hey Sean
    I'm wondering if you may have worked on this wall too
    If so, good stuff, and sorry I didn't credit you with the work too.

    1. C'mon John you knew. I'm even in one of the pictures. I guess it's tough to move forward sometimes.


  3. I would like to add to this post that Sean Donnelly did a lot of work on this project too.