Monday, August 13, 2012

Wheels without mortar

After experimenting with trying to build a complete dry stone circle, bracing only the two stones on opposite sides by way of wall ends, I then decided to take the next step., (as did my dog) 

This time I drilled holes in two of the stones and then using only a thin threaded rod to connect them ( to keep the thing from blowing out) I reassembled the circle and tried making the  moongate 'wheel' again, so that it was completely freestanding.

Not having a pre made form presented problems. I built it on its side first as an experiment and used rope to hold it together, and then lifted it upright. But that didn't work.

Several attempts later I managed to get this far by stacking the stones upright individually. Trying to balance the last three stones alone proved almost impossible.

After a few more attempts I finally managed to construct the circle so it rested only on the bottom stone, with barely any extra support on the sides.

Rock around the clock?  

That's an annoying stone at 5 o'clock. Oh well. One more try and I think I'll have it.