Wednesday, August 15, 2012

# 13 A dry stone wall doesn't....

A dry stone wall doesn't need to look like every other wall around it or everyone else's idea of what a wall has to look like. It can look funky and last for hundreds of years.


  1. Not every stone wall needs to be showing a sombre face looking uniform. There's too much personality in rock for every wall to conform to rules and regulations concerning aesthetics. If it is built structurally sound with good hearting and soul than it will far more lend itself to being photographed in someone's memory if not camera.

    1. I couldn't agree more. I see a lot of stone workers that build all their walls the same and think there is only one way to lay the stone up.

  2. Using the difficult stone and making a perfectly structural wall with it is far more impressive and aesthetically interesting than using an easily shaped stone material and then over working it so much as to make it a uniformly uninteresting wall , one that may then mistakenly be identified as being a 'better' quality of workmanship .