Monday, May 24, 2010

Where-with-all Walls part 3

We can be original and creative while still being true
To laying two over one and one over two
And don’t be offended, please don’t get me wrong
We get that the stone’s face exposes the short (and buries the long).
We respect your traditions, in fact we teach it,
Your fundamentals and ethics, hell, we preach it!
Our founder was brought up on your patented “invention”
And to disrespect your techniques is not our intention.
In fact at every beginner workshop we fashion
We teach your philosophies with the greatest of passion
And instill in the hearts of each potential stone waller
The traditions found in your hills and your hollers.

Be proud of your roots but please never forget
That the farmers who made them didn’t have doctorates.
And the wallers that were inspired by our intitial workshops and meetings
Have grown to become building leaders – and they’re still not cheating!
There have been so many members of the DSWA
Who come to our festivals and all of them say
I can’t believe you Canadians, you stray from tradition
And have so much fun as if it’s your mission
To get people excited about dry stone creations
And build a dry stone wall across this entire nation!

Conclusion to be posted tomorrow

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