Friday, May 7, 2010

Higher Hands.

All the 'hands' had a great day today. The weather cooperated and the atmosphere on-site was charged with energy. Five of us created this Scottish-type dry stone cairn north of Whitby Ontario and enjoyed every minute of it. After 5 days of working on it ,on and off over the last two weeks, we finished the structure at 5:30 on Thursday May 6th. (a bit too late to take the scaffolding down until tomorrow)

The fieldstone was all found locally around the perimeter of the golf course property. There was lots of hand lifting and fitting and hearting and measuring. The width at the base is 10 feet. The width at the top is 5 feet. The cairn is a whopping 14 feet 4 inches high. It was really exhilarating to build such an unusual feature. It required a combination of vision, confidence, cooperation and structural knowhow. Special recognition goes to Peter, Steve, Craig, Corrie, Joe, and especially Wilson for doing their part in making this towering 'celebration in stone'.

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