Monday, May 31, 2010

Grasping the real meaning.

Let's be definite and ecologically correct. The reign of concrete must come to an end in our vocabulary too. We no longer need to have 'concrete' be the word to represent the concept of precision, fact or sturdiness.

We dont want the word to dominate the better choices we have to describe something which is permanent and structural, any more than we want it dominating the landscape and building industry the way it has.

Something that is considered to be 'real' and 'understandable' should not be degraded to the level of something as objectionable as concrete. Let's use words like bonded, connected, fit together, secure, tight, factual, fixed, inseparable, conjoined, entwined, integral or interwoven. There are many more words too. If you think of some good ones please feel free to submit them below in the comments section.

Concrete is not 'essential'. Stone is 'elementary' and walls made without mortar do not pollute, corrupt, crumble or degrade the way concrete does. The word concrete has been used incorrectly for too long.

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