Monday, May 17, 2010

The Waller's Song

Hire me, and you will be,
Sure to see,
Your walls will stay together
See how they look, from pics in a book,
We build em dry
That's 'dry-laid' !

Fitting even poor slate
Waiting for more stones to come
Scuffing up our T-shirts, stupid bloody
Why are there not enough
Or every face is wrong?

I'll am a 'sneck' man
Pay me a check man.
I am the Waller.
Who (else) could you choose?

This here city needs some pretty
Little walls all stacked in rows.
See, why they're dry,
Cause glues you can't disguise.
See how it runs.
It's a crime,
Not trying,
I mean 'dry stone'

To hell with all your concrete
Dripping down the sides of forms.
Brick or block that's really poor work
Let's have it all destroyed.
Why would you not agree?
Or try to stick stones down?

I am a craftsman We need more craftsmen.
We need more 'wallers'.
Who else would you choose?

Sitting in an English Garden
New brick walls look dumb.
But If the walls are dry.
They really stand and keep on
Standing, cause at least they drain.

Its not an enigma, Im not for bricks, man
I'm a stone waller

Desperate housewives choke on brochures
Do you think just photographs will do? ha ha ha ha
See how they'll smile, with walls which have style
They're more satisfied
With, 'Dry-laid'

Some of them prefer, not just walls but also towers.
Elementary feng shui, phony stone just wont do.
Man a dry stone wall keeps
Looking better every day.

They are the 'best' man - the way they're made man!
I'm for stone walling
What else would you choose?

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