Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Standing outside the Getty Research Institure , now exhibiting Harald Szeemann Museum of Obsessions

I am privileged 
I am not afraid of sweat 
I am not afraid of aesthetics
I am not afraid of friends 
I am not afraid of enemies
I am not afraid of concepts 
I am not afraid of touch
We are not afraid of third parties 
We are not afraid of your opinions 
I am not afraid of the little, cold hand of the 70's
I am not afraid of the financial ruin of the 80's
I am not afraid of aging in the 90's
Because I'm for getting it wrong
Because I'm for trying it out 
Because I'm for direct contact 
Because I'm for the flicker in the eye that meets mine
Because I'm for other people 
Because we are for unsettling ourselves 
Because we're for enlightened rulers

Because I'm for rebellion against various firsts and seconds
Because I'm for lived counter-models  
Because I'm for new models 
Because I'm for individual mythologies 
Because I'm for human rights 
Because I'm for structuralism
Because I'm for the Eastern,the Western, the Nordic and the Mediterranean, the ephemeral and the ethereal  
Because I'm for poetry and passion
Because I'm for posing
Because I'm for selection
Because I'm against selection
Because I'm for complexity
Because I'm for my simple nature for which everything seems possible
Because I'm for the utopia of the new
Because I'm for hope

Because I'm for questioning the concept of property 
Because I'm for the disruption of questioning through the arresting of ideas
Because I'm for the duality of meanings
ergo the local
ergo the regional
ergo the national 
ergo the international 
Because I'm for anarchy that denies the artist
Because I'm for the artist that cultivates anarchy 
Because I'm for the denial of decision 
Because I'm for the affirmation of this refusal 
Because I'm for open-ended situations
Because I'm against the gravity of property,veto, taboo

Hold on a minute

Are you holding anything back?
I'm holding my position for the ambush which is art
I am privileged because I am dependent and yet independent 
Because I have a moral vein and yet have none
Because I am afraid and yet not afraid
Because I am a daredevil
But I don't want to hurt anyone 
Because I have faith that things that aren't right reduce themselves to absurdity above all in my own case 

i am privileged because i can call this moral/ethical conscience my own and because everything is not so very simple


H Szeemann speaks
a seedling amen

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