Monday, February 19, 2018


Friction keeps us here, 
just like rocks perched on steep shelves
on the sides of a canyon,
fiction keeps us able to stay in contact
able to hang on.

If things were smooth we'd fall into the abyss,
we'd fall apart.

We say we don't like friction,but what do we know?

Friction is the glue,
the stuff of walls 
and monuments throughout history to love and purpose

And without it we float off...

The stones grip each other, silently holding on 

Friction isn't that bad.
it's not like prison. 
it's not like a slippery slope.
it's the stuff of resolve 

Of sticking to it 
of patience  and hope.

It's by friction we rub off on each other a little bit.
we nestle better together,
and hold on fast and slowly,

love each other.

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