Monday, October 2, 2017

Sun Burst

" What is this?  " you ask.

It's the inside structure of the garden planter bench I designed to be built at the Thousand Islands Art Centre dry stone workshop in Clayton, New York.

I hadn't thought about how best to build the interior until we were actually building it last weekend.


Here is the tiny space we had to work in, before we added the soil.

Stones and hearting laid on their flat would not have meshed well with the vertical treatment we used on the exterior stones, so we laid the inside stones up to bench seat height on the vertical too.

After we finished the seats and filled the interior, we laid boulders in the corners to act as bookends for the vertically laid stones forming the back of the four sided bench.

After two days of hot gruelling work, we rested. Alleluia. It all worked out perfectly.

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