Friday, October 27, 2017

Fixing a hole where the rain ran down.

While there are miles and miles of old dry stone walls to see when we were walking the hiking trails in Mallorca, I was curious to see this particular section near the summit of Teix between Deia and Valldemossa yesterday. 

Ten years before a few of wallers including Patric McAfee and I had hiked this section during the famous Stonefoundation Symposium. We noticed one of the small sections of the wall that had collapsed had all the stone still lying around, and thought to ourselves, why just enjoy all the good walls on our hike and merely walk past all the others that need fixing? Why not stop and do a little repair as a way of saying thanks?

We took an hour or so and used the very same stones to rebuild the terrace path and then walked on our merry way to Valldemossa. 

I was pleased to see the wall still looks in fine condition today. 

Perhaps acts of this kind of 'walling kindness' should be a regular part of the requirement for proffessional wallers coming to enjoy all the stone terracing and dry stone walls in this part of the world.

This small gap (for instance) might only take a morning for good waller visiting the island to fix as part of his or her holiday.

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