Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Rock-Tree

A tree is almost as patient as a rock  It stays put in one place its entire existence, unless of course it is dug up and moved. Like a stone, it has the ability to just wait in one spot, motionless, for a very long time. Apart from a stone or a rock, there is nothing slower than a tree. 

There is a wisdom that comes with 'slowness' – with not rushing. There is a special consciousness that comes with standing still. It is not hard to imagine then that there are important things that can be learned from a tree, or a rock, that sits in one place day after day watching the rest of the world go by. Perhaps there is even more to be learned from a 'rock-tree' – a tree made from rocks. 

A kind of tree than doesn't die, or rot, or get diseased, made of rocks arranged to appear to be something living, growing, stretching up to the sky. 

An iconic structure, merging two different states of naturally occurring material. A tone poem, a silent prayer, a visualized meditation. 


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