Monday, September 11, 2017

Timely Words From My Favourite Pizza Guy

We visited Ronnie's WoodFire Pizza in Bracebridge Ontario last Friday on the way home from doing a dry laid patio up there in cottage country. 

What a treat. Ronnie and his oven are on fire about baking food that is really good for you. Not just yummy, tasty, out-of-this-world breads and pizzas, but real food that doesn't set off auto-immune allergic reactions like processed non-organic gluten laden food products are prone to do.

Here's one comment I read on his site.

Ronnie is a stone mason turned baker, and the world may have lost a wonderful mason but it has gained an incredible organic fermented sourdough bread and pizza pie man.

He not only makes and bakes, he talks the talk. 

Here's a taste of his writing from a post on his Instagram page   muskokapizza 

"All life needs time to develop....Bakers, over thousands of years, have learned to interact with life forms that have been on this planet longer than us - including grasses and microorganisms. 
We learned to develop a food source that can sustain human life. Flour water salt time and air. Time was the major ingredient. 
20th century baking eliminated time from the process. If time is taken away from life, there is only death. Is it irony that if you try to live on bread that has the time eliminated from the process, your 'time' is diminished? Yeah, I know, too serious for a pizza site. Maybe I need to put some time into dancing."

Ronnie uses all fresh organic local produce to 'build' his delicious creations

I received a message and a photo from him yesterday to say our conversation about dry stone walling had kind of inspired him to get back into a bit of stonework again. Here's what he wrote...

"Pulled out my chisels today, Not sure Im gonna forgive ya, I'm blaming it on you."

I don't think it was me Ronnie. I think it's time.

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