Saturday, September 23, 2017

Big and Small Walling

2017 Dry Stone Festival: St. Mark's, Barriefield/East Kingston Bring the family and watch a heritage restoration of a stone wall. Free dry stone workshops for kids. Tour Barriefield Village and St. Mark's, see the stone carving demos or drop in to the School Museum. There's lots to see and do.
There is also a two-day walling workshop for a hands-on learning experience! Cost for the workshop (including food, entertainment and optional lectures): $300. See Dry Stone Canada for details and to register.

As in other years, there will be a special children's walling activity again this year, both days of the 2017 dry stone wall festival, involving the creating of lots of miniature 'dry pebble' walls, huts, and bridges. Parents are invited to watch, but really, this is the 'Kids Only' part of the festival. Kids make sure your parents mark down the dates September 30th - October 1st on their calendar, and remember to bring you to our 'It's a small wall after all' event coming up NEXT weekend!

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