Sunday, September 24, 2017


Yes, we can't work without light.
But we can't work without 'shade' either.
We can't actually see without shades of light. Without some sort of  shade from the hot glaring penetrating light, we'd be blinded and yes baked.
We really can't live without the benefit of 'blessed shade'. We'd all get burned up.
Certainly this hot blistering sun-brilliant weekend there would be not much stonework accomplished on the sun-baked walling workshop site if there wasn't some sort of shelter from the direct rays of the sun.
Even so our energy is sapped and many of us are dripping with sweat. 
But we press on, endeavouring to make something beautiful.
A place to rest. A bench to sit on and relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun perhaps, some day later in the fall, out of the shade, when its offer of relief will be shunned because it will feel too cold !  

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