Sunday, September 3, 2017

Aspirations of Mindfulness

Mindfulness, like stone stacking of any sort ( balancing or walling), is all about 'alignment'. It is the stuff of yoga and of life.

It is finding balance and then building on it in a consistent orientation. Geometry is nature's way of saying 'Hey, get with the parallelogram'. We gravitate to things that have their planes lined up, especially parallel planes. 

We are attracted to the simplicity and poise of symmetry too. Because the invisible lines of gravity are set up in a vertical force field we naturally like to see (and place) related things so that they line up in some way to vectors, which always have that basic reference to verticality. It creates peace, partly I think, because it implies something of a purpose to the universe.

When things can be aligned, we are reminded of or referring to some design, some underlying (though often invisible) 'pattern' of order. We are mindful of the apparent 'mindfulness' of the universe.  

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