Friday, April 24, 2015

Tree versus wall

Photo John Shaw-Rimmington 2001

I've photographed this lovely curved section of original dry stone wall on Balsam Lake Road several times over the years, partly because it's in such mint condition, partly because it's such a beautiful shape. The wall is over 150 years old.  

Photo John Shaw-Rimmington 2014

Here's a photo I took last year when we were repairing walls further down the road.

The image of the curve was used for the original Dry Stone Wall Association of Canada t-shirt logo before we became Dry Stone Walling Across Canada

When we returned to do some more work here this spring I was very sad to see that a huge tree had fallen on the wall. 

Walls don't last forever, neither do trees.  But then, walls can be rebuilt.

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