Wednesday, April 15, 2015


My dog loves archaeological digs.
This one was pretty funny.

A couple weeks ago, on the spring equinox, we told him we were going out for steak supper and we'd bring him back some bones. 

At the restaurant we weren't sure what kind to get, so we ordered something we'd never had - an American dish, apparently.
When the Salisbury steak arrived. It was kind of Plain. It had no rich earthy taste to it at all. I'll make no bones about it either. There were none.

We figured Farley was going to be disappointed when he found out.
When we returned, he was sitting up erect, patiently waiting to see us produce a doggy bag. Nothing 

But the Salisbury mistake was something he lost no time erect, and vying for our attention, he dashed out and dug up some of his more ancient dog bones and produced this tasteless visual joke.

In his doggy way he indicated to us, that to commemorate what was a monumental eclipse of his hopes, from now on every year on this date, the Dog Star will appear overhead perfectly aligned with the meat freezer.

I really think he is Sirius

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  1. Salisbury steak used to be a staple of the school lunch room 50 yrs ago. The emphasis should be on the 'bury'.