Sunday, April 12, 2015

Time Sharing

Can you remember an occasion when you were 'taken back' in time? Maybe you were inside an old stone church or visiting a place where there were stone ruins, or walking a trail bordered by old stone walls. Perhaps you were in a cemetery looking over the grave stones or walking along some lonely rocky coast. A feeling of 'another time' may have ensued at the discovery of some lichen covered stones lying beside a quiet path in the woods where you were walking. 

Many of us have experienced 'stone moments' when we've felt like we've stepped back in time. 

It is not difficult to imagine that stones could create more than a longing for the past. Might they not somehow actually bring the past nearer? 

What ever is going on, I know this feeling of timelessness which stones elicit in us is difficult to put into words  For those who are sensitive to these things, its almost as if the stones facilitate our being able to enter into a different time frame.

Stones, at the very least, provide a strong link to the past. They not only represent a long 'passage' of time, their very nature and composition alludes to something beyond the confines of this time and place. Certain primal arrangements of ancient stones are thought by some to form metaphysical portals into which a different dimension may be entered. Those who feel a connection to the past allow these stone structures and enclosures to drawn them in even 'deeper' .

There are certain places throughout the world where peculiar  configurations of large stones particularly are believed to reinforce the sensation of an altered time paradigm. Often these places are associated with other strange phenomena too.  Various examples of standing stones, stone circles, hinges, beacons, cairns, dolmens and other types of sacred ruins, leave many people who visit them unable to explain the attraction they have felt when they were there.  The mysterious shape and curious alignment of some of these stone structures may contribute to a belief that some higher level of cosmic energy is present. 

There have often been accounts of people visiting such places experiencing inconsistencies related to their perception of both time and space. Irregularities in the polarity of the earth's magnetic field have actually been recorded at some of these sites as well. 

While some may scoff as others continue to conjecture forever about the purpose of these ancient stone structures, I suspect that the secret may be wrapped up in the possibility of these stones having been erected long ago as a subliminal reminder to future civilizations that Stone and Time share a mysterious connection.

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