Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Muskoka Walling

The previous wall

Building the new wall

It's wintry now and walling is cold work and the days are short. 

I'm remembering the nice long warm summery days of walling in Muskoka and hardly remember the bugs and the humidity !

Landscape gardener Shelagh Lippay and I worked together on this project. We took down the previous wall which was slumping and in need of a complete rebuild. We used all the original stone plus two pickup truck loads more of local crazy shaped, beautifully coloured Muskoka granite. 

After we finished the wall Shelagh replanted the raised garden with a lovely selection of flowers and ground covers. The photo above shows how it looked the day the job was completed.



Norman Haddow and I went up and revisited the site with Shelagh last October. The wall and gardens were looking splendid.


  1. What a nice addition to the landscape! Great work John.

  2. A great combination John Shaw-Rimmington and Shelagh Lippay. The wall and planting combined beautifully.

  3. Thank you for the post John. Dermot and Janet spent many hours this past summer enjoying the new sitting area overlooking Lake Muskoka.