Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dry Stone Academy

Dry stone wall

A dry stone wall academy was launched in the Cotswolds last August.

The are about 4,000 miles of dry stone walls in the Cotswolds

The dry stone walling academy was set up in Gloucestershire in an attempt to improve the quality of workmanship.

The academy is based at the old Northleach Prison site and is run by The Cotswolds Conservation Board.

It teaches the traditional skill to people wanting to become professional wallers. They gain an accredited qualification.

David Molloy from The Cotswolds Conservation Board said: "It's about maintaining the high quality of dry stone wallers we've got in the Cotswolds.

"Some walls in the Cotswolds area have been repaired with non-traditional materials such as concrete. We want to make sure that new wallers coming into the trade are building walls how they should be built and not putting materials in there like concrete, which we've seen of late, which shouldn't be going into walls. 
We've got about 4,000 miles of dry stone walls in the Cotswolds so there's plenty of work to do."

Mr Molloy said people with "a good eye for a 3D jigsaw make good wallers."

The academy was officially launched in August of 2014

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