Sunday, December 7, 2014

Honest Wall Building

So Friday we unwrapped our frosty tarped package and continued building more section of wall with the stones present.  (see previous post

This freshly built, fast frozen, freeze dried, portion doesn't pretend to be anything except what it is - just part of a larger dry stone gate entrance we are working on near Buckhorn Ontario.

The week before.

Who knows how far we will get before the real winter sets in.
The structure now seems to be bracing itself better for winter than we are.

It is an honest looking wall, built without the use of glues that would need to set in above 0 temperatures - without mortar, and the risk of fresh cement crumbling in the sub zero weather - without clumsy finger-numbing mechanical fasteners, bolts or rebar. 

These stones huddle in a permanent holding pattern out there in the cold, held together by their own weight and friction, unaffected by the lack of heat, while we go inside the tent to warm up.

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  1. One great thing about dry stone is that when we say " Keep it up " we don't mean the people, the rocks do that on their own.