Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Written in Stone


Nothing is written in stone, but it's there...
It's implied.
The sense comes through clearer than if words had been written.

The tablets of slate I have in my hand speak volumes. 

The mountains of flaky leaves of stone I'm standing on at the quarry Jason Hoffman took me to in Scotland in September of 2013, are fragments of the same puzzle that needs no piecing together. 

It tells me entropy is in effect, and I know, ultimately it is something that is irreversible.

But what do we do until then?


We do everything we can to understand one another.
We recognize that time changes situations and it changes people and even rocks.

And so we forgive and accept that people may change their minds and disappoint and fail us, the way even sturdy walls made of stone eventually shall fail. 

Because to resist change is folly.  

To insist on remaining forever 'unyielding' is unreasonable and impossible.

For nothing is written in stone.  

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